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Sarah-Jane is an up-and-coming Music Artist sought after for her dynamic style, uplifting persona, and soulful vocals. Growing up listening to Soul and Caribbean music, she was quickly influenced by the distinct sound and infused it into her own music, creating a one-of-a-kind symphony of melodic beauty that not only entertains, but jolts the soul wide awake. 


During her musical career, Sarah-Jane has been blessed with the opportunity to perform live on Dutch National TV multiple times and at the North Sea Jazz Festival for two consecutive years. She has also earned numerous awards, including the Winner of the Amsterdam Pop Price 2015 as well as nominations for two NPO Radio 6 Soul & Jazz Awards 2016 (Best Female Artist & Best Single - ‘Letter to the Moon’).


While also being on her creative journey as an accomplished backing vocalist, Sarah-Jane has recently branched out into the music world as a reputable soloist. However, music has been her calling since the moment she spoke her first words. That unwavering passion has only burned brighter by the day.

In 2014, Sarah-Jane dropped her debut single entitled ‘Psychedelic Love’. By 2015, she released ‘Letter to the Moon,’ followed by ‘One of a Kind’ a year later. September 2017, she released her debut EP ‘Black Magic’ and went on a european tour supporting the living legend Billy Ocean.

It has been 5 years since Sarah-Jane released new music, but the wait is over! She has had a lot of time to develop her personal journey and is ready to share her story with the world. 

2022 is a promising year for the Diva, she will be releasing a lot of new music. The first single drops on February 11 and is part 1 of 4. Be on the lookout for this multi talented artist, because she is coming!

Picture by Marlon Francis

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